Architects and Engineers Coverage Enhancements

Target: Small to middle market firms up to $10 million in revenue.
Capacity: $2 million (primary or excess)

We look forward to writing and renewing your business with our new enhancements! Below are the new coverage extensions we now have available:

Administrative/Licensing Proceeding Extension Endorsement
Crisis Management Event Extension Endorsement
Pre-Claim Assistance Extension Endorsement

A&E Classes Include, But Are Not Limited To The Following:

Acoustical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Forensic Engineer
Interior Design
Process Engineer
Specialty Design Engineer
Civil Engineer
Feasibility Studies
HVAC Engineer

Landscape Architect
Project Manager
Traffic Planner
Fire Sprinkler Engineer
Illumination Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Regional Planner
Urban Planner

Shannon Doherty
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Nick Cruz
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Mark Wilson
Director of National Sales
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