The average Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) claim is $38,300 and rising.

Whether serving as an independent consultant or leading a promising new startup, professional service firms are never immune from the potential for a professional liability lawsuit from a dissatisfied client. Indeed, human error in the form of missed deadlines, misrepresentations or inaccurate advice that negatively impacts a client’s bottom line can result in claims with significant financial consequences — especially for a small or mid-sized firm. For example, the average claim for an inspection consultant can easily exceed $20,000 and that for a claims adjustor is $46,400.

After 20+ years underwriting MPL and partnering with top insurance syndicates and carriers, Business Risk Partners has developed extensive knowledge about the many exposures facing today’s multitude of service providers — all told 300 classes of business and counting! From an environmental credit trader to a wage and hour compliance officer, an automation engineer consulting with a world-class motorcycle manufacturer to a social media data mining company that examines the online practices of job candidates, we craft the coverage private businesses need for professional liability insurance. If your client is operating in an emerging area of business few have heard about, don’t worry, we’ll thoroughly investigate and work with you to craft appropriate coverage

our product

BRP offers broad coverage that protects your clients versus skinny-down coverage that’s restricted and can gut the main exposure leaving clients vulnerable. Our goal is to arm you with the right product that will respond to your clients’ exposures. We offer $3 million in capacity on a primary or excess basis in all 50 states. We can also include contingent Bodily Injury and Property Damage (BI/PD) or pollution carve backs. We also have the flexibility to write endorsements and General Liability (GL) for certain classes. Our fast, responsive service includes autorenewals to make you more efficient and experienced claims handling through a third party administrator that we have worked with for many years. Additional highlights include:

  • Tailored Definition of Professional Services
  • Deductible Credit for Mediated Claims
  • Automatic Coverage for Acquired Subsidiaries
  • Duty to Defend Contract
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Administrative Proceeding Coverage
  • Subpoena Compliance Coverage
  • Coverage for Independent Contractors
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Real Estate Specific
        • Property Ownership up to 100%
        • Discrimination
        • Pollution Coverage
        • Lock Box
  • GL Available for Certain Classes

PLEASE NOTE: This list is solely intended to be a summary of policy coverage. Please reference the actual policy for specific terms and conditions. The policy supersedes all representations made above.

Our appetite

BRP’s MPL facility targets small and mid-sized professional service firms in more than 300 classes of business.  We also welcome submissions for independent contractors and consultants in a wide range of industries. Click on the boxes below for more specific occupations and service providers.




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