Wendy Johnston, AmWins Insurance Brokerage

“When people ask me for my pick for insurance agents at the top of my list is BRP. What is most important to me is claims handling. My company AmWins is extremely particular about approving MGA’s and one of the reasons for that is claims handling. Sometimes when you are an MGA and not a direct rider when you have a claim there is not so much control but I can speak from personal experience that BRP advocates strongly on behalf of myself and the insured. So that, as I said, critically important to me as well.”

“I like to work with specialists. And Karen Lombardo has put together a really great team of good underwriters that know the exposure and understand the unique needs of insurance agents and that helps promote a lot of confidence and trust. For me in dealing both with the underwriters and also working with the retailers.”

"I also like the underwriting guidelines in that – and what I mean by that is that they’re  broad and they span a multitude of different types of agencies, sizes, specialization, locations, they even write coastal. And they even look at different types of agency structures and agencies in that some are clusters, some are aggregators -- we have seen a few different types of organizational structures and agencies BRP’s team has been able to look at those. I also like the fact that their underwriters are creative, they are looking for ways to write business, and they’re not underwriters in a box and that’s critically important to me.”

Lisa Guynn, Boswell Insurance

“I think the first thing that comes to mind is that they just make it easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a last minute call, endorsement or policy. Everything is always done fast and efficient. And because they are so good at what they do it helps me give great service to my clients.”

“I guess to sum it up, not only are they great partners but they are also an amazing group of people who I enjoy working with every day and hope to for many years to come.”

Les Callahan, Callahan Risk & Insurance Services, Inc.

“Business Risk Partners is an invaluable asset to any insurance intermediary.  The strength of their relationships in the industry is evidenced by the myriad of offerings from their varied programs.”

“We have built a level of trust and mutual respect that allows us to work closely together toward the common goal of supplying market-leading solutions to our mutual insureds across the country.”




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