Miscalculations happen.

The Mistake. 

An interior design firm failed to properly design and install a custom-built storage armoire for a client. The original measurements taken of the space intended for the armoire did not account for a sloped ceiling. The furniture manufacturer built the piece according to the measurements. As a result, the armoire could not be properly installed and had to be returned to the furniture manufacturer for corrections. Due to the inaccurate measurements taken by the design firm, 10 inches had to be removed from the storage armoire in order to fit the space, in addition to the refinishing and repainting of the armoire.

The Consequences

Demand amount: $18,400
Defense costs: $2,400
Indemnity: $13,400
Total cost to carrier: $15,800

The Avoidance

Have any plans or measurements checked and reviewed by a principal or senior member of the firm.